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We are a Mother (Debby) and Daughter (Penny) owned and operated business.  We have been in business since 1992.  We started with our name histories, which we research and write ourselves.  Then, as many of our customers were scrapbookers and requested it, we added scrapbook supplies.  Later, as people began to realize that we had been studying health, energy healing, herbs, and essential oils for years, our customers began asking us to help them in their search for better health.  In 2006 Reed's (Debby's husband, Penny's dad) tri-geminal neuralgia ceased to be under anything resembling control.  As doctor after doctor couldn't help and even the alternative options were ceasing to work we found something new, Lymphatic Massage and learned about the toxins we put in our body nutritionally.  Then, a long, painful year later, we were trained in a new form of Lymphatic Massage taught and invented by Steve Davis that helps us remove toxins from our bodies.  We are quickly discovering that there is a great need for us to share this knowledge and help others feel better also.  So, we said good-bye to the scrapbook part of our business and now concentrate on good health and teaching others how to be healthy.  Of course, we still sell our name histories, we will always sell those, they are our babies.  We invite you to join us as we set forth on a path of health and renewal.